Walkaround – the movie.

Last Monday was a cold and rainy day with the odd hailstone shower thrown in. I was at the plot, working on a few odd jobs, my headphones on under the hood, with Conor Oberst and Joan As A Policewoman helping me along. I was hoping to record the RCT (Rainwater Collection Thingy) in action at the end of my shift, but wouldn’t you know it, the rain decided to stop at the same time as I did. So instead, I ended up shooting this walk around the plot on my iPhone. Mostly, everything is growing well. A few downers… my potatoes have a bit of frost damage which I hope will go away soon! My Sweet Peas look very sad and, most disappointingly, my rhubarb is sickly with yellowing leaves and weak stalks. I think it needs time to settle in to it’s new bed – no bumper crop this year I’m afraid!

18 thoughts on “Walkaround – the movie.

  1. Wow, a plot without a sign of couch grass! How envious I am. The birdsong is you too? and the music soundtrack?? Video is a great idea. Can you do one a month then we can all see the growth and changes. I generally write up random notes in abook, but of course forget etc etc but this seems a better record. By the way, your pic of shadowy – what are the trees with the big root spread?

    • I’ve got plenty of thistles… they are everywhere and they go deep! I found the birdsong and piano tracks on the internet. I don’t know what the trees are yet, but I will find out.

  2. So sorry to hear things are not sprouting as they should be . . . I suppose these things take time and some seasons/years are better than others, yes? The crops shall come!

  3. I thought those were your birds 🙂 Your plot is so orderly and it seems as though most everything is growing all right.. I hope your potatoes, rhubarb and sweet peas recover soon 🙂

  4. What a strange season this is.

    Our potatoes got frost bitten too. Here in Japan we had late winter weather return after the warm spring came (which was also late). The birds and flowers and things just don’t know what to make of it.

    Plus we had tornado weather on a large scale for the first time here.

    The lot looks good. Whatever the bugs that are eating your vegies they are probably hiding under the back of the leaves. Hand removal is the best to ensure the organic integrity. 🙂

    • It’s weird here today… sunny and warm one minute… hailstones the next. No tornados thankfully and no bugs under the leaves either… I checked! Think it may be birds but can’t prove it… I’ll have to get security cameras in!

  5. Have to apologise for missing some of your posts, my WP reader isn’t working! I love this video. I’ve just started my own little vegetable garden so it’s great to see how you have arranged your plot. More please!

  6. Love the video Val. You’ve done a lot with your plot, can’t wait until mine looks as productive!

  7. Hey man – don’t get too good at the video work – Hollywood is just across the pond! Good video and a nice record of the plot. ps my plot has also been hit hard over the very wet weather – cabbages eaten, carrots munched and the little barb leaf has gone! : )

    • Funny you should say that Matt… I’m in talks with Mel and Jennifer for my next movie. Not sure if they have worked together before! 🙂

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