Bernard Lavilliers plays at 100 Square Metres.

The sun has been shining a lot lately and my veg has been busy growing as a result. The slugs too have been busy, decimating my carrot seedlings and bullet-holing my rhubarb leaves amongst other dastardly deeds. I have been busy cursing and killing slugs, weeding, watering, netting and odd-jobbing, with the odd bit of planting thrown in. Too busy and too tired at the end of my stints to take any photos (if I remembered to bring the camera at all!)

So, until I get my act together, here is a post to keep my blog alive… a song called Elle Chante from the album Carnets De Bord which was playing on my earphones at the plot yesterday. This track, performed by Bernard Lavilliers and guest artist Cesaria Evora, is nice and summery, as is most of the album, I hope you like it!

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