A quick look around the plot!

14 thoughts on “A quick look around the plot!

    • Foresight,
      or the Charge of a Child to his younger Companion

      That is work which I am rueing–
      Do as Charles and I are doing!
      Strawberry-blossoms, one and all,
      We must spare them–here are many:
      Look at it–the Flower is small,
      Small and low, though fair as any:
      Do not touch it! summers two
      I am older, Anne, than you.

      Pull the Primrose, Sister Anne!
      Pull as many as you can.
      –Here are Daisies, take your fill;
      Pansies, and the Cuckow-flower:
      Of the lofty Daffodil
      Make your bed, or make your bower;
      Fill your lap, and fill your bosom;
      Only spare the Strawberry-blossom!

      Primroses, the Spring may love them–
      Summer knows but little of them:
      Violets, do what they will,
      Wither’d on the ground must lie;
      Daisies will be daisies still;
      Daisies they must live and die:
      Fill your lap, and fill you bosom,
      Only spare the Strawberry-blossom!

      William Wordsworth

  1. Hi Val – bloody hell… what are you feeding those plants! They are doing very well. The RCT also looks like it’s functioning…patent needed me thinks!

    • 3 for the price of 2 Manure and Compost (with added John Innes) mixed in with mother nature’s own earth. Plus some seaweed fertiliser and used coffee grounds. Lots of rain too! Oh, and my own sweat!
      The RCT™© is almost finished and working well. Think I need another barrel though!!

    • I have a feeling my next visit to the plot will be just for weeding… I might sample a few of those spinach leaves while I‘m at it though!

  2. Looking good! WHEN it stops raining, I might be able to visit my plot for more than 5 minutes. Pea and Bean Weevil have made pretty patterns on the leaves of my broadies, not sure what has been munching on yours though.

    • Don’t tell me it’s still raining!? It’s a bit cloudy here today, but mild. It’s only the one plant that is being munched, I must investigate further, Watson!

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