Walkaround – the movie.

Last Monday was a cold and rainy day with the odd hailstone shower thrown in. I was at the plot, working on a few odd jobs, my headphones on under the hood, with Conor Oberst and Joan As A Policewoman helping me along. I was hoping to record the RCT (Rainwater Collection Thingy) in action at the end of my shift, but wouldn’t you know it, the rain decided to stop at the same time as I did. So instead, I ended up shooting this walk around the plot on my iPhone. Mostly, everything is growing well. A few downers… my potatoes have a bit of frost damage which I hope will go away soon! My Sweet Peas look very sad and, most disappointingly, my rhubarb is sickly with yellowing leaves and weak stalks. I think it needs time to settle in to it’s new bed – no bumper crop this year I’m afraid!