Band of Horses play at 100SquareMetres

Not much happening at the allotment lately except for the ongoing digging and preparation of raised beds. I don’t enjoy the drudgery of digging that much, so I find it helps to think of digging as a form of exercise. Something else that helps me dig is listening to music on my iPod. Mostly the rhythm helps me along, and sometimes I get lost in a song and forget I’m digging at all.

Last Sunday afternoon at the allotment I was listening to the album ‘Cease to Begin’ by Band of Horses. My hands were too mucky to fiddle with the iPod controls so it stayed on repeat. With nobody else about to hear me sing along I got through the digging in no time at all. Here’s one of the tracks called ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’… hope you like it…

10 thoughts on “Band of Horses play at 100SquareMetres

  1. Loved it! I was struck by how this song might have been sung to the raised beds themselves – “no one’s ever gonna love you more than i do!” Nice picturing a man singing on a hillside as he creates his garden. 🙂

  2. Love the photo of the carrot foot – brilliant. Your photos are great, photograpy is not my strong point – I’ll have to get Tee to bring his posh camera and do some snapping….

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