Band of Horses play at 100SquareMetres

Not much happening at the allotment lately except for the ongoing digging and preparation of raised beds. I don’t enjoy the drudgery of digging that much, so I find it helps to think of digging as a form of exercise. Something else that helps me dig is listening to music on my iPod. Mostly the rhythm helps me along, and sometimes I get lost in a song and forget I’m digging at all.

Last Sunday afternoon at the allotment I was listening to the album ‘Cease to Begin’ by Band of Horses. My hands were too mucky to fiddle with the iPod controls so it stayed on repeat. With nobody else about to hear me sing along I got through the digging in no time at all. Here’s one of the tracks called ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’… hope you like it…

Making a bed.


Spent a half hour at the plot this morning putting in a new bed and doing a bit of digging. When I arrived I scared off a male pheasant from a neighbouring plot and what I think were four grouse from a plot further down the hill. The grouse were happily feeding away until they saw me coming and then flew off to the cover of long grass in a nearby field. I will try to sneak up on them next time and get some photos.

I had just about finished filling the new raised bed with a mixture of manure, compost and soil when it started to rain. That’s why the pic below is so shaky – I was in a hurry to get going after yesterday’s deluge. I have two more beds to lay this week and then I can start planting my garlic and onion sets.

After…  Spot the difference?