Just checking.

Garlic makes an appearance.

It had been a few days since I visited my plot, so when Karen at Allotment Plot 4 posted about her new, green garlic shoots, I was eager to head over and see how my own garlic was getting on.

There was a cold wind blowing so I brought along a cup of hot chocolate to keep me warm. Normally I would do a little bit of digging or tidying but that morning I could only manage to take a few photos, drink my hot chocolate and get out of there before the wind froze my face off. Thankfully my fruit and veg were handling the adverse weather conditions better than this puny human and all looked healthy and content.

Shallots in the wind.

Rhubarb opening out.

A perky little onion.

Looking forward to strawberries.

Mmmmmm… hot chocolate!

16 thoughts on “Just checking.

    • Good luck with that! Most of my ‘bought’ garlic is up and I recently planted a second bed-full which are starting to show also. Hopefully I can plant my own bulbs in November.

  1. Thanks for linking to my allotment blog! Love the photos, especially the rhubarb shot. Cracking!

    Glad to see your garlic putting in an appearance, I wish the same could be said for my garlic at home, so far nothing and I planted it the same day as the allotment ones. Oh well, once the snow clears I will have another look and then pot some up if need be.

  2. You have got a nice blog.. I really loved the picture “garlic makes an appearance” . That pic reminded me of a long forgotten poem from school days.

    In the heart of a seed,
    Buried deep, so deep,
    A dear little plant
    Lay fast asleep.

    “Wake,” said the sunshine,
    “And creep to the light.”
    “Wake,” said the voice
    Of the raindrops bright.

    The little plant heard;
    And it rose to see
    What the wonderful
    Outside world might be.

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