Rhubarb Wars.

Blasted wind!

It has been very windy around these parts lately. Concerned only for my windbreak, I headed up to the plot to make sure all was intact. What did I see before me, only my precious rhubarb plundered by the invading winds. Young rhubarb torn and broken, older stalks bent into unnatural forms. Proud leaves bruised and wilting under the onslaught.

Without the proper resources and with only my phone to ducument it, I tried my best to erect a temporary defensive wall against the attacker. I must wait till the weekend for the fight-back to begin.

On the upside, now that I have some ‘forced’ rhubarb picked, I can make a Rhubarb and Strawberry Crumble. A fitting end for my brave, crimson soldiers!


The spoils of war.

22 thoughts on “Rhubarb Wars.

  1. Poor Rhubarb! Haven’t been to my own plot all week, terrified what state my rhubarb will be in after this crazy weather, good idea using the pallets as a windbreak, might do something similar.

    • It was awful to see them in such a state. They have been such good providers over the years and will not be thanking me for moving them to the side of a windy hill!

  2. Our allotment site is very windy. In the first year after opening lots of people lost runner beans, tomatoes and all sorts. So we had a working party and planted a hedge of 800 native hedging whips from our local council. It is slowly getting better!

    • I love the ‘working party’, it’s like a secret society that comes to the aid of troubled gardeners. I wonder do they travel?

  3. I loved your metaphor!! Now the battle begins in ernest in your Stadium Kitchen.. but I know you will be the victor with your spoils… xo Smidge ps.. I am now as green as those leaves with envy.. I’ve been dismally trudging the aisles in search of the first rhubarb stalks to go on sale, to no avail!!

  4. Val. thanks for stopping by. I must admit, my only experience with rhubarb was a strawberry/rhubard pie — years ago. But I love the color of the stalks — I wonder how it would look in a flower bed. . . Best of luck with the wind break.

  5. Oh dear, not nice to find your pride and joy all battered like that. I planted a young crown at my allotment, ‘something’ squashed it within 24 hours! Still, it’s looking OK and I’m sure it will be fine. I’m sure you enjoyed the crumble. Yummers!

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