Gimme a ‘wind’ break!


I managed to erect the wind-break before Christmas! As you can see from the pics it turned out ok. Some of the poles are a bit more slanted than others but I don’t think any of them are truly straight anyway. It’s hard to gauge when working on a slope without a spirit level. I invested in a pole driver from and it allowed me to drive the poles into the ground in double-quick time. I bought the wind-break material online also but this time from an Irish company. I got it for a good price – €50 for a 50m x 1m roll – with free delivery to boot! I used a very basic staple gun to attach the mesh to the posts, using strips of plastic cut from old compost bags to give added purchase.

It has been very windy for the last couple of days so I must pop up soon to see how it’s holding up. 


To finish up here’s a study in bamboo. Happy New Year!

10 thoughts on “Gimme a ‘wind’ break!

  1. We have trouble with strong winds here as we live at the end of a ridge of rugged hills called the Stiperstones. We planted trees along the one boundary to protect the garden from the prevailing wind. On our allotment site we planted a native hedge to do the same job – over 800 whips! hope your windbreak does the job for you.

    • Fingers crossed it will do the job. I like the hedge idea, I think I will see how my crops do this year and how the water situation works out before committing to so many whips. Thanks for your comments.

  2. That’s looking really good. It’ll be interesting to see what difference the breaks make to the harvest! The idea from ‘greenbenchramblings’ for the hedge is also a good idea. Love the shot of the bamboo also.

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