Gimme a ‘wind’ break!


I managed to erect the wind-break before Christmas! As you can see from the pics it turned out ok. Some of the poles are a bit more slanted than others but I don’t think any of them are truly straight anyway. It’s hard to gauge when working on a slope without a spirit level. I invested in a pole driver from and it allowed me to drive the poles into the ground in double-quick time. I bought the wind-break material online also but this time from an Irish company. I got it for a good price – €50 for a 50m x 1m roll – with free delivery to boot! I used a very basic staple gun to attach the mesh to the posts, using strips of plastic cut from old compost bags to give added purchase.

It has been very windy for the last couple of days so I must pop up soon to see how it’s holding up. 


To finish up here’s a study in bamboo. Happy New Year!

Swinging in the rain.

Push me.

Thought I had lost my wallet at the allotment last weekend, so I went up on a cold, wet and windy Monday morning to see if I could find it. No luck. I decided to do a little bit of digging while I was there and on the way out I noticed the swing was blowing in the wind. A good photo opportunity I thought, but as I took out my camera the wind decided to die down. Standing there is the lashing rain, waiting for a gust, I decided to help nature along and gave it a little push! Immediately the wind rose up again and ushered me down to the car, where I was delighted to see my wallet poking out from under the driver’s seat. I did look there earlier… I swear!

The crows are watching.

New shoots.

A baby onion.

Little shallots.

On my last few visits to the plot I concentrated on digging up the weeds and grass, making space for more raised beds. I am hoping to clear all the weeds by Christmas which will give me time to prepare for spring planting. Another job that needs doing soon is the erection of a windbreak around the plot. I have been told by other plot holders that it can get very windy on the allotment and that some of their crops have suffered as a result. I also suspect that the wind contributes to drying out the soil. 

This morning I brought the camera to the plot and I was glad that I did. Little green shoots of onions, garlic and shallots have all started to peek through the soil. I find it hard to keep the camera from shaking on close-up shots, so the pics are not great and I have no useable pics of the garlic shoots. I’m wondering now will the birds be interested in these juicy morsels – I’ll do a bit of googling on the subject.

Finally, there’s a kind of ‘Wicker Man’ vibe going on in the last two pics below.

Expanding plot.

Scary scarecrow in another plot.

Tree parts.