Egg shell savings should shred slimy slugs.

Pictured above is a year’s savings of egg shells, ready to repel those slimy slugs.

In truth, I don’t know how effective they are. Slugs dislike travelling over jagged edges – apparently. So I put some around my four remaining courgette seedlings (out of sixteen sown – sad face) and will check on their progress over the next few mornings.

So far the little feckers have nibbled all of my cabbages, finishing off two plants. One whole potato plant was devoured, while a number of my courgette seedings were gobbled up.

I had this crazy idea that maybe I would refrain from killing any slugs this year, but not any more, the gloves are off, the slugs are toast!

Here’s a tongue twister for ya…

Egg shell savings should shred slimy slugs.

13 thoughts on “Toast

      • I’ll give it a try. I do have chimney soot around my cabbages along with the egg shells. But, it’s wet, I don’t think anything works in the wet.

  1. I can say it, but not very quickly. So sorry about the destructive slugs. I haven’t planted yet this year. We still have frost in May here in Pennsylvania aka Siberia!

  2. Ground egg shells are also very useful for adding to tomatoes as they are high in calcium. Slwoly dry in an oven first then crush to a powder and sprinkle ontop of the soil then water in. They love it!

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