Bank Holiday Alliums.

French pink garlic ‘Germidour’.

At last I got around to planting some garlic, shallots and onions. I planted one bed of French pink garlic, one bed of banana shallots and three beds of ‘Radar’ onions. I have three ‘white’ garlic bulbs left to plant and will have to prepare a few more raised beds to accommodate them. I currently have a couple of beds free, but I want to save them for rhubarb and carrots. 

I was a bit worried about planting onions in a bed next to my strawberries but after a little bit of research it appears they are good companion plants. I also have garlic planted in a bed beside the strawberries – hopefully they will be good neighbours. I have kept another bed free amongst the onions for planting carrots next year.

Garlic at the ready.

Banana Shallots take their positions.

Onion set-up.

Bank Holiday view.

5 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Alliums.

  1. I adore garlic and I’ve just planted mine out using my own grown bulbs for the first time, rather than buying the seed garlic as I usually do.

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