Seven From Last Sunday.

Opening View.

A view of the plot from the entrance. Made to look greener than it is by the mesh windbreaks. I have covered some of my raised beds with straw for the winter… read somewhere that it was a good idea.


The ground just above the plot showing signs of wear and tear from passing heavy machinery, working at a nearby cottage.


The compost bin doubles up as a storage unit for some tools.

Red Onion.

My overwintering red onions are popping up already.


Still a few fennel plants on the go. Didn’t get around to making candied fennel… maybe next year!


There’s plenty more beetroot to be picked! I have plans to try beetroot, apple and carrot juice, and beetroot-infused vodka.

Coffee Grounds.

Used coffee grounds to be added to the compost heap and raised beds. Supposedly repels slugs too, but it was way too wet to be effective this year.

Little flowers.

Last of the Sweet Pea.

This year I planted Sweet Pea to add a bit of colour to the plot, a job it did very well. Now its days are numbered and only a few flowers remain. Fortunately, a ‘pest’ilence earlier in the year, has provided for some surprise autumn flowers… 

Calabrese in flower.

My calabrese was neglected this year. The heads were permanently covered in slug slime and the one time I did cook any (after a good cleaning) it had a disconcertingly slimy consistency. Now the plants have been left to do their own thing and are producing lovely yellow flowers, plus the odd slimeless, and edible, side shoot.

Side shoots.

Ready to bloom.

My cauliflower were also overrun with slugs and left to grow wild. Now they are close to flowering and I’m looking forward to seeing the results!