A strawberry called Teresita.

I received the following email recently. It’s annoying because my ISP has been blocking dodgy emails to such an extent that some legitimate emails are not making their way through to me! Yet, this juicy morsel managed to land on my virtual hall carpet. I’m kind of glad it did, it’s a good laugh and a bit fruity…

Hi 🙂 I am Teresita

I’m your strawberry. A hottie from your desires!

I could show you pictures of mine if wanna see me and u’ll understand that it’s absolutely truth.

Your desires would be about me!

My name is Teresita and I’m a very playful girl.

Let’s talk and there are no hesitations u will be thinking about me! Maybe we’ll go to restaurant, go traveling or have fun in my bedroom.

Let’s start satisfying ur fantasies together, darling!

And now for some ‘late summer’ vegetables…

(click on any photo to see larger images)

Black and white and green all over.

First first earlies pic.

For the most part, the plot is coming along nicely. There’s a lot of lovely green growth going on. So, here are some black and whites to help put you in the picture.

Third strawberry of the season… and a whopper!

Some carrots that have made it this far.

Beetroot huddled together.

Shapely onion.

Rhubarb wrap.

Second first earlies pic.