Granita Rosa.


Rhubarb Granita.

First of all, here’s a link to the recipe. Don’t forget to come back!

My changes (sans tequila): I did not use an ice cream maker. Instead I poured the strained liquid into a metal container, covered, and left it in the freezer over night. Next day (or when frozen), I scraped the surface with a fork to make icicles and served. 

I did mention in my last post that I would add Beetroot Infused Vodka… I tried it and it’s not a good idea taste-wise!

Now go out and get some rhubarb and make this granita, it’s so easy, and you won’t be disappointed!


Go on, have another.

Daylight Rhubarbry.


Me and me rhubarb.

With Mia’s help, I picked some rhubarb last weekend… first harvest from the plot in 2013! Looks like I will have a good, possibly great, rhubarb crop this year. With so much rhubarb on the way (fingers crossed), I expect to be experimenting a lot. First experiment, already completed, is the rhubarb drink pictured below, worth it for the colour alone. Next up is a Rhubarb Granita with a dash of beetroot infused vodka… sorry Mia, that’s for the grown-ups only!


Mia: at peace with the rhubarb.


Liquid rhubarbry.