Black and white and green all over.

First first earlies pic.

For the most part, the plot is coming along nicely. There’s a lot of lovely green growth going on. So, here are some black and whites to help put you in the picture.

Third strawberry of the season… and a whopper!

Some carrots that have made it this far.

Beetroot huddled together.

Shapely onion.

Rhubarb wrap.

Second first earlies pic.

A quick look around the plot!

It’s a bit sketchy.

The plot thickens.

Just looked through my seed packets and decided roughly what’s going where at the allotment. I hope to have some potatoe bags dotted around the plot as well. Thinking of giving sweet potatoes a bash this year too. Vegetables I am trying for the first time are broad beans, butternut squash and spinach. Because of past failures, leeks and celery are only maybes for this year. I may grow lettuce, salad leaves, spring onions and herbs in the garden at home. Oh yeah, and I might try growing mushrooms in coffee grounds… It’s all a bit sketchy!