Going Underground


The Red Duke of York, he had ten men…

I managed to plant a few ‘first early’ potato seeds yesterday of the Red Duke of York variety. It felt good to get my first potatoes in the ground. I have a few more varieties to plant over the next while. Another ‘first early’ variety, the Pentland Javelin, should go in this week if it’s not too frosty!


…neither up nor down.

Here’s a cover by Da Lata, in the ‘London Brazil’ style, of the The Jam’s classic …

Black and white and green all over.

First first earlies pic.

For the most part, the plot is coming along nicely. There’s a lot of lovely green growth going on. So, here are some black and whites to help put you in the picture.

Third strawberry of the season… and a whopper!

Some carrots that have made it this far.

Beetroot huddled together.

Shapely onion.

Rhubarb wrap.

Second first earlies pic.

Red Baron lands on time.

Ready to go.

Sunday morning was like a summer’s morning. There were few clouds in the sky and the sun was blasting through the window, screaming ”GET UP AND GET YOURSELF TO THE ALLOTMENT”. I had visions of myself pottering around the plot in a vest and shorts, occasionally applying suntan lotion and sipping lemonade. Then later, barbequing into the evening with the other plot holders and all our extended families, and maybe the odd jolly hillwalker who might be passing by. Toasting marshmallows and a sing-song by the fire…


By the time I arrived at the plot, the sun was nowhere to be seen, a mist had descended over the land and it was cool and dreary. So, with my summer fantasy on hold, I set to work by marking out two beds for planting. One for ‘Red Baron’ red onion sets and the other for ‘Epicure’ first early potatoes. And into the ground they went.

Last year I planted a lot of stuff way too late, so it was very satisfying to get these onions and potatoes in on time. A good afternoon’s work… I didn’t get a tan, but I didn’t get sunburnt either!

Marking out.

First earlies in position.