Post Forty One.

My last post was my 40th post and my first reblog.

So why am I not celebrating?

Because it was an unsatisfying experience!

A click of a button and all the work was done for me. (I like to mess with the HTML a bit).

The usual fanfare from WordPress was missing… ‘Your 40th Post… Congratulations… here’s a holiday and $2,000.00 spending money!’

There was no indication that my legions of ‘followers’ (more than 40) had been notified of this momentous post.

The Quixotic headline was not my own and not for changing.

Apparently I got one ‘Like’ (thanks gingerfightback) but it never showed up on the page!

So, as I was saying…

I was intrigued by this photo on Millie Ho’s blog, so I googled it and was led to M.I.L.K.

(Click M.I.L.K. and go to ‘View Footage’ at the bottom right of the photo for a heart warming story.)

There are lots of other great photos on the site too!

Photograph by Victoria Vaisvilaite Skirutiene.