Going Underground


The Red Duke of York, he had ten men…

I managed to plant a few ‘first early’ potato seeds yesterday of the Red Duke of York variety. It felt good to get my first potatoes in the ground. I have a few more varieties to plant over the next while. Another ‘first early’ variety, the Pentland Javelin, should go in this week if it’s not too frosty!


…neither up nor down.

Here’s a cover by Da Lata, in the ‘London Brazil’ style, of the The Jam’s classic …

8 thoughts on “Going Underground

  1. Great pictures and great song! Very exciting time right now. We just had a couple of frosts here but is this a good time to plant out the 1st earlies???

    • Yeah I think so. Once planted, you could cover the soil with fleece if you’re worried about the cold. I’m using straw to keep mine warm.

  2. Thanks for giving me a wonderful memory of watching my Dad plant the seed spuds in the allotment Val and him letting me follow behind with the rake to cover them and then him telling me off for doing it wrong. The old cliche about an Irishman and his spuds!

    • You’re welcome GFB! That’s made my day 🙂
      I have similar memories of following my dad around the garden, and being afraid to get it wrong. In his case it was more of and Irishman and his tomatoes!

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