And the winners were…


Kerr Pink arriving at the OHSMPVAS. A winner despite a roasting from some critics.

Now that the OSCARS, the BAFTAS and the IFTAS are done and dusted, it’s time to turn our attention to the 100 Square Metres’ Potato Variety Awards 2013 (OHSMPVAS). The inaugural ceremony took place last night to honour the potato varieties that have been chosen to grow at 100 Square Metres in 2013. The winners are pictured here. Be warned, flash photography was used in this report.


Red Duke of York was rewarded for a vigorous performance.


“Fleshy” New York Times, “Creamy” The Guardian… just some of the accolades received by our third winner, Maris Peer.


The always simmering Maris Piper.


Pentland Javelin triumphed in the ‘Good All Rounder’ category.

11 thoughts on “And the winners were…

  1. Awesome new header image + Maris Peer will be good. Here is your ‘best potato-based post award’! *Hands Val award* *general applause in background* 🙂

    • Thanks Matt. I don’t have an acceptance speech prepared but I would like to thank ‘the Academy’ and all those who helped in the making of this post. Oh, and my agent 🙂

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