18 thoughts on “What’s up with my onions?

  1. Val.
    I would imagine it is the amount of rain we have had recently and after growing slowly for a few months they have had a sudden growth spurt. This would cause them to split. They will probably not store so well as you will not get a covering of dry skin. Hope this helps.

      • Well, I have lifted all my onions! About 30% are split… the rest may have a chance of drying in the sun… but of course it has started raining again!

    • Onion chutney sounds good Julia! It’s sunny today so I might pick them all and let them lie out in the sun for a bit. Brilliant, I’ll have three empty beds to fill with new crops!

  2. I concur with the wise words from others above. My Mum bought me some amazing onion marmalade from ‘Tracklements – ingredients are onions (41%), raw cane sugar, citrus pectin, spiced vinegar, redcurrant juice, olive oil, lemon juice. Awesome stuff.

  3. Oh, brother.. don’t you hate it when something like this foils your carefully laid gardening plans? On the bright side.. I can’t wait to see what you make out of these split onions:D

    • I’m feeling much better about my onions now. All the split ones have been eaten and the rest may just dry out successfully!

      Thanks for the extended visit Spree. I see you have left a good few aprons around the place! 🙂

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