Silent Movie (except for the crows).

I think it was a young crow up in the tree, the tree that overlooks the plot. He was very vocal for the whole afternoon. He may just have been calling for his parents but it sounded like he was shouting at me. At the back of my mind I was worried his parents would swoop down on me, but in reality I felt safe with them around.

I’m very aware of the crows since I’ve started spending some evenings at the plot, and especially since the impressive murder I witnessed. From day one they have been watching over the allotments, calling to each other when I would get out of the car, as if to say “here comes the guy from plot 15”. In the Spring there was a pair of crows who regularly frolicked around the allotments, swooping in and out, doing whatever crows do together. Maybe they are the parents of my noisy companion.

I can’t help thinking that this crow family are high up in the pecking order. The hillside that holds the allotments is a place where crows from near and far gather to roost at night. It’s as if a sleepover is taking place in the most popular house on the block.

Anyway, while this young whippersnapper crow was cawing away, I videoed the plot. It had been raining a lot the day and night before and the RCT (Rainwater Collection Thingy) had been busy.

Most things are growing well but the slugs definitely have the upper hand. At my last allotment the slugs never touched my carrots, rhubarb or potatoes, but here anything is game. I had to remove the straw mulch from my potatoes because the slugs had taken up residence in there and were starting to eat the haulms. My carrot seedlings were 99% eaten by the slimy blighters and they have made a holey show of my rhubarb. I have read that crows eat slugs, I do wish they would eat all of mine!

8 thoughts on “Silent Movie (except for the crows).

  1. Murder!! I’ve been away and look what I’ve missed! Crows can be huge and quite scary looking, I think? While I’ve been away, I had my daugher’s boyfriend dig out some ugly shrubs, rip out the fabric liner and add soil.. I’m the proud owner of a new raised garden bed! It’s no allotment.. but the next best thing! I really enjoyed your video today.. it’s so peaceful there with the bird song and cawing!

    • If I turned around and a crow was staring me in the face… that would freak me out! Once they are at a distance, I’m happy! Good luck with the new plot!

  2. Val, I so envy you! But that’s a lot of work and commitment and a real green thumb, so well done. Thanks for sharing, it really brought so much joy to see the water collecting, hear the crow cawing and see the plants a-growing 🙂

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