It’s a bit sketchy.

The plot thickens.

Just looked through my seed packets and decided roughly what’s going where at the allotment. I hope to have some potatoe bags dotted around the plot as well. Thinking of giving sweet potatoes a bash this year too. Vegetables I am trying for the first time are broad beans, butternut squash and spinach. Because of past failures, leeks and celery are only maybes for this year. I may grow lettuce, salad leaves, spring onions and herbs in the garden at home. Oh yeah, and I might try growing mushrooms in coffee grounds… It’s all a bit sketchy!

28 thoughts on “It’s a bit sketchy.

  1. Wow – awesome plan – sketchy is best! Very inspiring stuff and we’re off to the garden centre to look at potato varieties after lunch! Can’t wait to start it all off. Keep up the good work.

  2. It looks all very techincal, especially the “water collecting thingy” Excellent planning, can’t believe the variety of things you manage to plant in your plot!

    • I think the graph paper makes it look technical – when it’s really not. The ‘water collection thingy’ is a work in progress… at the moment it’s just a mound of sods. I hope it works! Thanks for visiting!

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