New shoots.

A baby onion.

Little shallots.

On my last few visits to the plot I concentrated on digging up the weeds and grass, making space for more raised beds. I am hoping to clear all the weeds by Christmas which will give me time to prepare for spring planting. Another job that needs doing soon is the erection of a windbreak around the plot. I have been told by other plot holders that it can get very windy on the allotment and that some of their crops have suffered as a result. I also suspect that the wind contributes to drying out the soil. 

This morning I brought the camera to the plot and I was glad that I did. Little green shoots of onions, garlic and shallots have all started to peek through the soil. I find it hard to keep the camera from shaking on close-up shots, so the pics are not great and I have no useable pics of the garlic shoots. I’m wondering now will the birds be interested in these juicy morsels – I’ll do a bit of googling on the subject.

Finally, there’s a kind of ‘Wicker Man’ vibe going on in the last two pics below.

Expanding plot.

Scary scarecrow in another plot.

Tree parts.

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