Happy Valentine’s Day Potato Heads


I searched the internet last night for a way to link my soon-to-be-chitting potato seeds with Valentine’s Day and then share it in a clever and witty blog post.  

I failed.

I did, however, come across “Las Papas”, an installation of potato portraits by visual artist Ginou Choueiri, which I thought was worth sharing.

I wonder ( a Golden Wonder :-? ) if they were planted and how the baby potatoes turned out!

Do click HERE to see more. 


Rhubarb in the movies.

It’s not often you see rhubarb in a movie. I watched ‘Our Idiot Brother’ recently on Netflix and sure enough there was some rhubarb in it. There was also a mention of Biodynamics which made me chuckle cos I tried it one year. Here’s the clip with rhubarb in it…